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I kept passing up a film listed in the media center because there was no poster or plot info. So I decided to create a poster for it and input plot and cast info. I thought this is a good chance to to create a piece of fanart before I am a fan. Turns out the film is a part of An anthology movie called Faces of Schlock hosted by Slutpira. The tagline is great ‘To Avoid Fainting, Just keep repeating… they made it with camcorders…they made it with camcorders…they made it with camcorders’. Even if it is bad it’s probably the good bad. So I searched through the film for a few stand out screen captures.Read the end credits and created a faux VHS cover for SLAY RIDE.

Of course the video is way to modern for VHS, but the vibe I took from what I saw was old school slasher. I could be wrong I’ll need to wait until I watch the complete film to see. I would like to have the whole anthology film. I’m curious about Slutpira. Sounds like a deep character.